Welcome to dorkbot-sea, the Seattle-based outpost of the global dorkbot empire, a monthly meeting of artists (sound/image/movement/whatever), designers, engineers, students and other interested parties... who are involved in the creation of electronic art (in the broadest sense of the term.)

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2018-01-29: Alas, our short hiatus and lack of a stable venue got the better of the planning committee. Dorkbot.org is offline and so are we.

Dorkbot is on a short term hiatus while we make some adjustments to the format. When we return, expect more hands-on events and less frequent speakers. We will also have somewhat less of a regular schedule, so please make sure you follow us on one of these channels for announcements:
Announcement-only mailing list (low volume - less than 1 message per week)
Blabber mailing list (gets the announcements plus occasional flurries of chatter)
RSS feed for our calendar
Twitter: @dorkbotsea
Facebook group