Dorkbot:87 dorkbot seattle 0x57 special event at Makerhaus


June 3, 2013 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm


122 NW 36th Street
Seattle, WA, 98107


Dorkbot seattle is excited to present a special event at Makerhaus in Fremont.
Join us in welcoming two fascinating people who are living the maker life.

Wendy Tremayne Talk - The Good Life Lab Radical Experiments in Hands on Living

Mikey Sklar Talk - Digital Homesteader Tools

In these talks they share the inspirational story of how they ditched their careers in New York City to move to rural New Mexico, where they made, built, invented, foraged, and grew all they needed to live self-sufficiently. Alongside their personal story they present the discovery of a fulfilling lifestyle that relies less on money. They teach the art living from waste and from nature and teach how to make biofuel, DIY appliances for automating the homestead, build structures, gardens, and grow and forage food, and medicine. They present reasons for makers to share their innovations and ideas through open source and creative commons licenses.

Mikey Sklar, is a digital homesteader and open source hardware developer. His projects have progressed from human implants and flame effects into planet saving projects such as: building a home from waste materials, installing pv solar systems, recovering electric vehicles from the waste stream and advanced food fermentation with the help of microcontrollers. Mikey has worked for Adafruit, Hack-A-Day and Popular Science. He enjoys foraging wild foods and caring for various types of bacteria and fungi cultures.

Wendy Tremayne was a creative director in a marketing firm in New York City before moving to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, where she built an off-the-grid oasis in a barren RV park with her partner, Mikey Sklar. She is the founder of the textile repurposing event Swap-O-Rama-Rama, which has spread all over the world; a conceptual artist; a yogi; a gardener; and a writer. She has written for Craft's webzine and Make magazine and, with Mikey Sklar, keeps the blog Holy Scrap.