Dorkbot:32 Microcontrollers for Artists


October 4, 2006 - 7:30pm


Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA
6413 Seaview Ave NW
Seattle, WA, 98107




Larry Barello Seattle Robotics Society contributor Larry Barello has devoted much of the last eight years to hobby robotics and programming the AVR board Atmel AVR series of micro controllers, returning to his roots as a designer of embedded processors for industrial, medical and communications industries. He has developed a small real time operating system called AvrX (short for AVR Executive) which he uses as the foundation for all his non-trivial AVR projects. Larry will talk about Atmel controllers.




Bill Beaty Bill Beaty exhales smoke Weird Science Salon Founder, local tech artist, mad professor emeritus and dorkbot favorite William J. Beaty has been goading Seattle's science hobbyists into action—and leading them from the front—since 1984: that's two decades of bangs and whimpers. Bill will tell us about PICs, and co-present the Basic Stamp with Doug.

some sample PICs



The BASIC Stamp Doug Bell demonstrating a walking robot Doug Bell has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, was a research scientist at the Atmospheric Sciences department of the University of Washington, then a software engineer at Microsoft. He is currently retired and volunteers at the North Seattle Community College robotics club and for the Franklin High School FIRST team. He regularly attends meetings of the Seattle Robotics Society, Weird Sciences Salon and dorkbot. Doug will tell us about the Cypress PSoC and co-present the Basic Stamp with Bill.



Eric McNeill's LED piece from PDSTWE2 Eric McNeill's most recent LED piece one of the various Rabbit boards
Seattle-based artist and technologist Eric McNeill has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech, a career in network software and a long-time involvement in music and the visual arts. He will talk about Rabbit microcontrollers, as used in some of his art works.



Christopher O'Dowd talked about BEAM Robotics; an alternative to all this digital logic.


Open Dork/Show and Tell

YOU!!! Yes, if you have a project—any project, at any stage of completeness, an idea—any idea, at any stage of bakedness, an artwork—any kind of artwork at any stage of doneness, please do bring it along to the dorkbot meeting and claim your 10 minutes worth of fame after the presenters.


Quality time with the MCUs

After the presentations and open dork, we'll clear out the chairs and then the presenters will have their environments set up at various tables so we can get a closer look and talk one-on-one with them.