Dorkbot:6 it never happened


January 5, 2004 - 7:30pm - 10:00pm





Our sixth meeting and post-speaker performance on Wednesday, January 7th was postponed
due to the grim weather. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Below is what we had planned for you...



Mark Bain"Vibrating Buildings and Other Escapades": Amsterdam-based artist Mark Bain will be taking time out of a brief visit to Seattle, his home town, to discuss his work to date. In his own words, Mark “works on the interface of acoustics, architecture and actions of conceptual/experiential integration. For some time Bain has been involved in an ongoing research into the area of sound and architecture and how sonic events condition bodies and buildings they occupy. Other installations involve living systems and investigative devices that position the viewer into rarified experiences. In this work, he designs hybrid apparatuses that engage locations and the public. They are not necessarily products in themselves, but rather tools developed which lead to certain artistic ends. His research can be thought as a kind of divining, a loosening, a search for a living entity within that which is normally thought of as static and dead: architecture, structures, sites.”
David Maymudes"The Art of Getting There": Seattle math whiz and computer software innovator David Maymudes is part of a cunning team working on a cunning plan that he’ll divulge on Wednesday night. I know a little, but I’m not allowed to tell you in advance. Prepare to be amazed, amused and almost certainly convinced.
Kevin HilbiberMystery Presentation: Ballard’s own Kevin Hilbiber of dork supply mecca House of Science ( will be sharing his extensive electronics expertise and artistic (interactive sound and light sculpture) credentials in a wild and woolly mystery presentation.
After-speaker performance
DJ Bios+a+ic will spin cds featuring local and international sound sculptors and sonic architects. Bios+a+ic is the solo alias of Wesley Davis of entropic advance ( Wesley fuses ambient, noise, experimental, glitch and texture to create a lucid and encompassing musical environment.
Join us for beer, cocktails, music, conversation and mingling after the speakers have spoken - and bring work-in-progress for peer review and comment during this last part of the evening if you like: we'd love to see what you've been working on!

More about the speakers:

Kevin Hilbiber: Kevin's first show was at the 1968 Ghiradelli Square International Childrens' Art Center, where he displayed 'wire sketches', funny cars and shopping carts, figures from Saul Steinberg and Charles Scultz - "kid stuff" created from leftover scraps of leadwire taken from components he soldered into pc boards for his father when he was 12. Other career highlights include an interactive sound and light sculpture show called Softscience in 1985 at silkscreen collective Survival Graphics (Madison, WI), which was the first ever non-print based show held at that venue. A year later, Softscience became the name of Kevin's Amp Tech shop, which ran for the next 10 years. Kevin is a founder of Ballard's House of Science, holds an ATA degree in electronics and lives "a hazy, slacker's life otherwise".