Dorkbot:77 Dorkbot Seattle 0x4D open dork


April 4, 2012 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm


2318 E Cherry St
Seattle, WA, 98122


Greetings fellow dorkbots!
It is April and time for new beginnings, or at least time to change things up a bit. This month we are going to try a new format at a new location.
Come join us at ALTSpace in the ID for a night of conviviality and open dork.
Bring a project you are working on. ANY PROJECT!
Bring an idea you want to explore, something you need help with something you think is impossible, let us help prove you wrong.
Do you brew beer? Bring some!
Do you build robots? Bring one!
Do you make knitted beer drinking robots? We will be your new best friends!

The good folks at ALTSpace ( are opening their doors for us since Jigsaw will be losing power to a construction project that evening (insert joke about "Seattle, where electricity does strange things to you").

As usual we will start at 7:0PM. I will have a sign up sheet for anyone who wants to present. We will have an internet connected computer with a projector, so find some good youtube videos of dorkbot appropriate behaviors.

See you there!